Joe Jackson: Father Of The Year

This gentleman and his lawyer have “a statement.” Read that quick, bitch, and get out my spotlight!

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How does Joe Jackson fix his mouth to talk that way? Here’s Michael Jackson‘s old-ass and money-sucking father on the red carpet of the BET Awards the other night. Joe showed incredible poise and grace by using the red carpet to PLUG HIS NEW RECORD LABEL whilst the rest of the world was thinking about how his kid just died.

(And horribly. The autopsy revealed all MJ ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner were pills and pain injections. And he was bald. The Fates didn’t like him shacking up with kids.)

Anyway, Joe would like you to step over his son’s body (well, the little bastard went and took the ATM with him) and experience the revolutionary “Blu-Ray technology” of his latest venture.

You know how in every film adaption of the life of a superstar there’s someone in their inner-circle who is almost comicbooky in the evil way they suck the life out of the performer? That’s this dude.


He is ancient, so I’m hoping this is just dementia talking. He does seem a little out of it. Anyway. This Joe Jackson is so much hotter:

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3 Responses to “Joe Jackson: Father Of The Year”

  1. Bill Cosby Says:

    At least Al Sharpton was with him. Those are the two most useless black lumps since RuPaul’s tits.


  2. GERARD Says:



  3. I Feel Kinda Bad For Mrs. Jackson « J. Harvey Says:

    […] some creepy hangers-on who were a little too prescription pad-happy. And she has to put up with that gross demon of a money-sucking husband. And raise three young kids. I know, she has money but it still can’t be […]


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